Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 7: Rain


No work today, but we did go up to Steve and Kim's for Sunday dinner. While we were there, I checked out our land. We had a lot of rain overnight and throughout the day, and I wanted to see how the culverts held up. The rain seemed to have helped with the seeding of the pasture grass. The seed was worked in well with the earth, and wasn't being washed away.

On the way out to check the culverts I saw a friend walking out in the field. He was a big one. Could have been turtle soup if the right neighbors had been over. He was a big snapper. The bottom picture has my foot in it for some perspective of size.

Once I left the turtle, I checked out our culverts. The dirt work seemed to have done the trick, as all were draining correctly. It had been a pretty big downpour, so I was pleased to see that the runoff was fairly minimal. Most importantly, we had enough fall all the way down the hill to get the water to drain to the big culvert. There were no areas where water was running over the road. I'll do a little touch up by hand, but things are looking good.

It was also fun to see some water filling up the pond. Just a few feet in the bottom, but it's a start.

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