Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 4: More Driveway Fun


Today we continued with the excavation. The final grading of the remainder of the drive was almost finished. The highlight of the day was deciding that we didn't need three culverts after all. We had planned on needing three culverts: an 18" tube towards the middle of the drive between two hills, an 18" tube at the three-quarter point of the drive between one hill and a small rise (picture below), and a 24" tube in the ditch (discussed yesterday). Prior to today, the 24" tube had already been placed. The first 18" tube was placed this morning.

The third tube was to be placed today. Fortunately, once the grading was complete, our excavator noticed that we were pretty close to having "fall", or a decline, from the top of the hill all the way to the 24" tube at the ditch. We looked at it a little closer and agreed that if we took a bit more dirt off the rise (near the wood fence posts in the right of the picture) then we would likely be able to channel all the water down to the 24" tube. We'll verify Friday with the laser level.

Daily Stats:

Work done: excavation, placed small culvert
Hours worked (me): 0
Hours worked (friends/family): 0
Hours worked (contractor estimate): 16
Contractor: Grishm Farm and Construction
Materials used: 18" x 20' doubled walled plastic culvert, gravel

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