Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 13: Basement Excavation Continues


Saturdays are always a great working day, and today was no exception. The morning started off on two fronts, one with my activities and one with our subcontractor activities. Scroll down to the bottom for a brief time-lapse video of the last couple days' progress.

My activities started with buying grass seed and fertilizer. I wanted to have more "lawn-type" grass on either side of our long driveway, so that I could mow it in the future. I just love to mow, so the more lawn the better. I went down to Grass Pad and asked for a hearty mix that could survive without being watered. I came out with 150lbs of "Macho Mix" seed and three bags of fertilizer. After swinging by the house to grab the kids, I took them up to the land. The kids played with goats and road the four-wheeler while I grabbed the tractor and seeder. I first spread some of the Macho Mix with the broadcast spreader attached to the Mule while Steve worked on the tractor. Emmy helped by riding in the back of the Mule and regulating the amount of seed put out by the broadcast spreader. Abby helped by riding in the tractor with me for a few minutes.

I then used the tractor and seeder to finish the pasture seed in our field and put down the rest of the Macho Mix. FApparently I was having so much fun that I forget to take any pictures of myself. Where's Mandy when I need her?

The other front was handled by our subcontractors, Vanderford Construction. They continued the excavation of the basement. I thought that it was all roughed in yesterday, but after shooting it with the laser level it was found to need a couple more feet of depth. This meant a long more dirt coming out of that hole. The picture below was taken from the tractor around noon while I was seeding (you can see the disturbed soil from the seeder in the bottom right of the picture).

At around 1:00 pm I had to leave for a church responsibility. I came back around 7:00 PM and found the hole to be a few feet deeper. This also meant the level area behind the house had grown, as that is where the dirt had been placed from the basement excavation. Steve came out with me to check the progress.

I had Steve take a picture of me standing in the hole to give it some perspective.

Here is a view from the big hill to the south. It shows how the back yard is getting wider and deeper.

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