Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 2: More Dirt and a Ditch

Today we had a soccer game for a rockstar 7 year-old, so I didn't make it up to the site until after dark. I was able to see the progress and was happy to note that the first culvert was in. We had a significant dip right at the end of our driveway straight-a-way that channeled runoff during rainstorms. Not wanting to ford a stream during a downpour, or risk loosing that part of our driveway, we placed a large culvert (tube) under the road. So doing also helped to level out driveway and eliminate the dip.

Daily Stats:

Work done: excavation, placed big culvert
Hours worked (me): 0
Hours worked (friends/family): 0
Hours worked (contractor estimate): 9.5
Contractor: Grishm Farm and Construction
Materials used: 24" x 20' doubled walled plastic culvert and apron, gravel

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