Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 53: Basement Progress


We've been anxiously awaiting for the day when we'd see some progress on the basement walls, and today was that day. Our contractor dropped off forms yesterday around noon. They sat out in our basement like Easter Isle statues or a modern version of Stonehenge. It was a sign of progress to come.

Today the crew arrived and started putting up the rebar. They attached the vertical pieces to the ones sticking up out of the footing concrete shown in the above picture. Then they attached the horizontal pieces to the vertical ones using metal ties. Once all the walls are tied in place, they will put the forms around them and be ready to pour.

Speaking of pouring - it did that today at our land. A small but potent storm cell just a few miles across blew in and dumped water for about ten minutes. Just long enough to make everything muddy. Then about thirty minutes later the same thing happened again. It dampened the soil and made it too slick for our contractor to unload the rest of his forms. He'll get to them tomorrow, provided it doesn't pour any more tonight. If all goes well, he'll be pouring concrete Saturday morning or Monday morning.

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Tied rebar for basement walls
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