Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 50: Building a Bridge


No progress on the house recently as our foundation contractor is running behind. However, we did make some progress on the accessibility front. There are two main ravines that pass through our property and, so some extent, separate our land from the other neighboring parcels. One of the ravines continues to the north, and separates Nate and Krista's lot from Steve and Kim's lot. There is a trail connecting the two properties, but it is rendered impassible by the creek.

We decided to tame the wilderness by building a bridge. Steve came up with the design, materials, and equipment. We provided some of the grunt labor. We had a lot of family in town, so we enlisted their help.

First, Steve drug two telephone poles that he bought off Craigslist down to the crossing. Matt used his winch to drag them across the creek. We lined them up where we wanted them, then we dug small trenches for the poles to rest in so that the top of the bridge would be flush with the ground.

Once the poles were set in the ground, leveled, and spaced correctly, we laid 2x6 boards 6' ft long across the bridge. We had a pretty good fire brigade set up for this part of the operation. 

We had a righty and a lefty working on the bridge at the same time, which worked out well for spacing, productivity, and camaraderie.

The nailing was pretty hard work. Fortunately, we had a lot of people standing around to cheer us on. Matt came to the rescue with a 5 lb sledge and helped finish them off.

Once we were finished, we decided to quality check our work. For the maiden crossing, we opted to get both mules on the bridge, loaded with passengers, just to show how confident we were in our work. 

Daily StatsHours Worked
All Time503252194.5$13,496.75
Summary of 5/26/2014
Work Done Today
Built bridge across tractor trail to Nate's lot
Materials Used Today
2 telephone poles, 2x6 boards
Who Helped Today
Steve, Matt, Darwin, Nate, Max, Reed
Contractors On Site

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