Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 29: Basement Excavation Complete


It seems like I've already written this post, as I've thought we were done with basement excavation and ready to do the foundation several times already. Each time, my concrete contractor has pushed me back a few days, causing my basement excavator to hold off on finishing the excavation. We were supposed to have the foundation start today, but now it looks like Wednesday. If it goes past Wednesday, we might be looking at  next week (rain coming in), and we might be looking for a new foundation guy.

Here I am chatting with my foundation excavator for a few minutes. It's an expensive few minutes, at $110/hour. The yellow object on the tripod is a rotary laser level. It spins around and shoots out a laser beam. The white stick in the background has a sensor on it as a specific height. You walk around the surface with the stick and set it on the surface. It beeps if it is level, letting you know if you need to take the surface up or down.

Below is a shot of our basement. Our contractor is using a track loader and a small track Bobcat (skid steer). The surface is at this point pretty level. The warm weather and sun have cleared up the wet spots.

Looking back at the site from the southern hill (looking north) you get a little better perspective of the size and scale of the excavation. That's a lot of dirt. The big pile on the left will be redistributed to create a more level back yard.

The smaller track Bobcat is used for finish work. It's easier to be precise with a smaller machine. My excavator is a pretty talented guy and is able to get the surface to within an inch or two of level.

I also had some more material dropped off today. Our driveway guy brought another two loads of gravel: one load of base rock to fill in a few soft spots in the driveway, and another load of clean 3/4 inch gravel to use in the basement. I also had the rebar, lumber and drain tile dropped off.

Daily StatsHours Worked
All Time2921.520.5116.5$13,496.75
Summary of 5/5/2014
Work Done Today
More gravel on the driveway
Materials Used Today
Base rock and 3/4" clean rock (gravel). Dropped off rebar, lumber and drain tile.
Who Helped Today
Contractors On Site
Midway Wholesale (delivery), Grisham Construction

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