Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 164: Framing Nearly Complete!


Well, framing is just about finished! It's exciting to see the house coming along. The last several days we've been able to see progress each day.

Last week we got the floor of the second story installed. It was fun to walk across the catwalk.

Then they started putting in the upstairs roof panels.

They used a Lull to pick up the panels and hoist them up to the roof.

After another day of framing they got the rest of the south side of the roof panels in place.

When they lift the panels, they have to drill holes in them to fasten the lifting bracket to the panel. Once the panels are in place, they fill the holes with foam. Excess foam pieces were found in the upstairs. The boys did what was expected with them.

After the weekend, they then started on the roof panels on the front of the house. On Monday they got in about half of the panels before having to stop for the concrete guys.

Our flatwork contractor showed up and poured the front two porches. We were excited to get those in as they would allow the rest of the porch framing to go in.

While he was there he went ahead and put the piers in for the back porch and deck support.

With the boys' side roofed in, Reed and Will enjoyed their new view.

The next clear day they were able to finish out the roof panels all the way across the front of the house.

The kids all enjoyed going upstairs and standing in their future rooms.

Next we started on the front porch roofs. First went in the cedar 6x6 columns. The roof frame and sheathing will go on top of these posts.

Today, they finished framing the front of the house and porches. I'll post pictures of that tomorrow after they finish uploading on our country-lifestyle-speed internet.

Daily StatsHours Worked
All Time1641061051138.5$13,496.75
Summary of 9/17/2014
Work Done Today
Installed upstairs windows
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