Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 151: Framing Second Floor


Guess what we did today? That's right, more framing! Same as yesterday! Framing's fun because you get to see progress each day. We're better able to visualize what's going on with the house and rooms.

On Wednesday, they finished the second story peak on the east side and got one ridge beam up. The ridge beams are "glue lam" beams, meaning they are several boards glued, or laminated, together to form one beam. They're about 5 inches wide by 24 inches tall, and they support the top of the roof panels all along the ridge of the 45 degree pitch roof.

Today, Thursday, they finished the other two-thirds of the ridge beam and got the window wall gable above the kitchen installed.

Here's a view of the glue lam beams. The run horizontally across the top of the picture. They're supported by engineered posts.

Daily StatsHours Worked
All Time151102102790.5$13,496.75
Summary of 9/4/2014
Work Done Today
Installed remaining ridge beams and front windows over kitchen
Materials Used Today
SIP package
Who Helped Today
Contractors On Site
Square Cuts

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