Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 94: Geo Continued + Flatwork


Today we got three major things accomplished. First, we increased the size and levelness of our front yard. Our concrete guy needed a larger area for the cement trucks to park while pumping concrete into our basement floor, so he leveled out our front yard a bit more for us.

We also got the rebar in for our basement floor flatwork. It's good to see it in. We should now be ready for pouring tomorrow.

We also got three new long trenches installed for our geothermal. These complete our loop for our 6-ton system.

Daily StatsHours Worked
All Time949693370.5$13,496.75
Summary of 7/9/2014
Work Done Today
Rebar installed in basement, front yard grading, geothermal ground loop
Materials Used Today
Rebar, geothermal HDPE pipe
Who Helped Today
Contractors On Site
ECS, Vanderford Construction

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