Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 331: Kitchen Underway

Our kitchen is underway! Last Monday, a Budget rental truck with two guys wearing Best Buy shirts showed up and unloaded about 300 boxes of various sizes from Ikea. I guess that's what you call team work.

Mandy started the assembly. Krista and Kim helped as well, so that when I got home, we could start hanging them.

The cabinets hang on metal rails screwed into the walls. I used my handy dandy laser level to ensure that all of the rails were, well, level.

I had some good help putting the cabinets together. After hanging the cabinets on the wall, I screwed the faces of them together so that they would be perfectly flush.

We installed the cabinets around the fridge and almost all of the other cabinets. We ended up being five base cabinets short, due to a mis-delivery by Ikea/Budget/Best Buy. The missing bases showed up a week later, and are now installed.

Nate came over and helped lay out the island. 

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  1. I recently found your blog and enjoyed reading the progress of your home up to this point. Hope all is well and the home is complete. ~Elizabeth